Pickering Automotive
Keeping Lincoln on the Road for Over 50 Years
Avery Pickering, Jr.
"We've been servicing Lincoln's cars for over 50 years. Let us take care of you, too."
–Avery Pickering, Jr.

Tired of Not Trusting Your Mechanic?

The guys at Pickering Automotive are dedicated to you...and your car. We know how important it is in these tough economic times to keep the car you have running great so that it will last you a long time, as cars should. Personal attention from Ave, Sr., Bob or Ave, Jr. that you can trust.

We're a family shop with experience working on the newest foreign and domestic cars to as far back as the 1920s! (You'll have to talk to dad about those!)

You won't get sold parts or service at Pickering Automotive that you don't need. You won't be the guinea pig for some inexperienced technician. Whether it's regular maintenance or vintage auto repair, at Pickering Automotive, you'll get dependable craftsmanship and exceptional friendly service from one of us. Every time.

We've been in business for 60 years in Lincoln because we're doing it right...for you! Schedule an appointment today!